Pre-Cursillo is the initial phase of the Cursillo movement, it is focused on building a foundation for the Cursillo experience and helping participants to open their hearts and minds to the transformative power of God's love.

During the Pre-Cursillo phase, participants engage in activities such as attending small friendship groups called "Group Reunion" who come together to be better friends and to form, strengthen and persevere a life in grace and Ultreya events to prepare themselves for the Cursillo weekend, where they will have the opportunity to experience a deeper encounter with God and their faith community.

How can I attend a Cursillo Weekend?

To attend a Cursillo Weekend, you need to be sponsored by someone who has already attended a Cursillo Weekend. You can reach out to your local parish Cursillo community or fill out the Contact Us form to inquire about the process for attending. Once you have a sponsor, you will need to complete an application and possibly attend a Group Reunion or Ultreya.

Who should attend a Cursillo?


What is Cursillo?

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