The Post-Cursillo is the third phase of the Cursillo Movement, it seeks to renew, hasten and develop the conversion that began in the Cursillo, fostering groups of Christians (Group Reunions and Ultreyas) who share faith, life and commitment, and by means of these groups initiate the evangelical leavening of the environments in which they live.

The purpose of the Post-Cursillo is to see Christ in every moment in you life. It is the effort made so that the candle remains lit and illuminates others in all the environments in which we live. This is achieved through Group Reunions, Ultreyas, and School of Leaders.

Group Reunion

It is a group of Cursillista friends who want to live and share in friendship. The purpose of the reunion is to provide a supportive and nurturing environment for spiritual growth and accountability. Participants share their experiences, discuss their spiritual journey, and offer mutual support and encouragement. The group reunion is an important part of the Cursillo movement, helping participants to stay connected and continue their spiritual development after the initial Cursillo weekend experience.


The Ultreya is a time for Cursillo participants to come together for fellowship, prayer, and to share their experiences of living out their faith in their daily lives. The word "Ultreya" comes from the Spanish phrase "¡Ultreya y Suseya!" which means "Onward and Upward!" It is a time for encouragement and mutual support as participants continue their spiritual journey.

School Of Leaders

The School of Leaders is designed to train and equip leaders within the Cursillo community to effectively carry out the mission of the movement. It provides education, training, and formation for individuals who have completed a Cursillo weekend and want to take on leadership roles within the movement. The School of Leaders typically offers ongoing formation, study, and discussion on topics related to the Cursillo method and its application in daily life.


In the Cursillo Movement, the word palanca is used “To designate the spiritual force represented by voluntary prayers and sacrifices which are done individually or in community with the aim of obtaining the grace of conversion”. Palanca allows us to accomplish more than we can ever possibly do on our own! Palanca must be genuine, sincere, permanent, and individual and community oriented; insuring the efficiency in taking the other steps, founded on Christ’s table: "Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you? (Matt 7:7)".

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